About Medisafe

Medisafe International is a Group of Companies is a group of three professional manufacturing companies with a focus on manufacturing and exporting of wide range of health and medical hospital equipments. The company aims to serve its customers as a ONE STOP SUPPLIER catering to their requirements of different products with the best of quality.

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Quality & Certification

We are an WHO-GMP and ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified company, most of our products are CE marked, we have three state of the art manufacturing units where we produce high standard medical products, our manufacturing units complies all the international quality standards for Medical Devices.

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Our Anaesthesia Products

Silicone Resuscitator, Black Rubber Resuscitator, Oxygen Face Mask, Rebreathing Bag, Anaesthesia Circuits, Vaccume Extractor, Laryngoscope, Bain Circuit, Magil Circuit, CPR Resuscitator Mask, Oxygen Mask, Rendel Bracker Mask, Lung Exerciser, Head Harness, Plastic Airways (Disposable), Breathing Circuit System, Antisaptic Face Mask.

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Model 4

Silicone Resuscitator Emergency Respiration

Silicone Resuscitator is an emergency respiration kit. We are the biggest manufacturer of Silicone Resuscitator.We manufacturing food grade silicone rubber and polycarbonate that makes these safe to use as well as long lasting in terms of finish. These are also autoclavable up to 120oC and come with other finish properties including non-toxic and & non-allergic finish. Further, these feature transparent polycarbonate nonrebreathing valves as well as clearhood facemasks that facilitate visual monitoring of lips and regurgitation. Further, these snonrebreathing “L” valves are designed for achieving low resistance and also allows 360 degree swivel so as to provide vital assistance in changing angle of operation without needing to disturb mask/tracheal tube. We are manufacturing 3 types of Silicone Resuscitator Adult , Child and Infant.

Model 5

Technical Specification Artificial Resuscitator

Our Silicone Resuscitator is made of High grade Silicone Rubber, Reusable, Latex Free & Autoclavable at 134°C (Adult) supplied with Face Mask Size-4, & Reservoir Bag, Oxygen Tube Complete Packed in P.V.C. Carry Bag with zip Lock. Technical Specification: - Bello Capacity: 1600 ML. Reservoir Bag Capacity: 2600 ML Mask Size: 4 or 5 No. Oxygen Tube Length: 2 Mtr.

Model 6

How to Use ? Respiration Kit

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